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Why Confidence and Carriage Matter in Elevating Skills and Talents

Beyond your skills and talents, the confidence and carriage you bring to bear matter. Confidence and carriage are the heart of skill and talent management. Your talent amounts to nothing without these

– Odusanya Adedeji

In the grand tapestry of life, the threads of skill and talent are woven together with the threads of confidence and carriage. This profound wisdom is succinctly encapsulated in the quote by Odusanya Adedeji, “Beyond the skill set of an individual, the confidence and carriage you bring to bear matter significantly. Confidence and carriage are the heart of skill and talent management. Your talent amounts to nothing without these.”

These words remind us that skills and talents alone do not guarantee success; they need the support of confidence and carriage to truly flourish. To delve deeper into this quote, let’s break it down.

Skills are the practical abilities acquired through learning and experience. They are the tools in your toolbox. Talents, on the other hand, are your innate gifts – those unique qualities that set you apart. While skills can be developed and refined, talents often manifest naturally. In essence, skills are acquired, and talents are bestowed. They are building blocks-like.

Confidence on the other hand is the foundation upon which skills and talents can be effectively utilized. It is the inner belief that you have the ability to tackle challenges and achieve your goals. Confidence is like the spark that ignites the fire of your skills and talents. Without confidence, you might possess all the skills and talents in the world, but you’ll be hesitant to use them.

Confidence is like a fuel for action. You can think of a brilliant painter who lacks the confidence to showcase their art. Their talent might be extraordinary, but without confidence, their paintings might remain hidden in a studio. Confidence is the driving force that propels skills and talents into the limelight. Confidence is a key, however confidence without carriage is like a faith without work as they say – is dead.

Carriage is simply the art of presentation. It refers to how you carry yourself, both physically and mentally. It encompasses your demeanor, attitude, and the way you present yourself to the world. Carriage is your public face. It’s the bridge that connects your inner world (confidence) to the outer world (skills and talents).

Imagine a charismatic public speaker with a deep knowledge of their subject matter (skills) and the self-assuredness to engage an audience (confidence). They exude charisma, captivate their listeners, and leave a lasting impression. This carriage, this ability to present their skills and talents effectively, is a game-changer.

There exists a symbiotic relationship between skill/talents and confidence and carriage. Skills and talents are undoubtedly vital, but they thrive when accompanied by confidence and carriage. This is a symbiotic relationship where each element empowers the others. When you have confidence in your skills and talents, it shows in your carriage. Your carriage, in turn, enhances your confidence, creating a positive feedback loop. The person who embodies this synergy becomes a powerhouse. They not only have the knowledge and abilities but also the self-assuredness to apply them and the charisma to engage others. It is as if they hold the keys to unlocking the full potential of their skills and talents.

In the professional world, this concept is invaluable. Talent management isn’t just about identifying skills and talents; it is about nurturing confidence and coaching carriage. It is about providing an environment where individuals can develop not only their abilities but also their belief in those abilities.

A skilled worker in an organization might be competent, but if they lack the confidence to present their ideas or interact effectively with colleagues, their talents remain underutilized. Conversely, an individual with limited skills but robust confidence and carriage might excel in leadership roles.

This quote transcends individual growth; it applies to the collective. Societies, communities, and even nations are reflections of the collective skills, talents, confidence, and carriage of their people. To succeed, a society must foster these attributes in its citizens.

Consider a society rich in talents but lacking confidence and carriage. Their potential might remain untapped, and their contributions to the world will be limited. Conversely, a society with confidence and carriage but inadequate skills and talents will fall short when faced with complex challenges.

To be a powerful entity, whether as an individual or a collective, one must recognize the synergy between skills, talents, confidence, and carriage. Each element plays a crucial role in the grand theater of life, and when brought together harmoniously, they form the basis of success and fulfillment.

This quote from Odusanya Adedeji reminds us that skills and talents, although essential, are not stand-alone ingredients for success. The catalysts that drive them to their full potential are confidence and carriage. The realization of this truth can have a profound impact on how we approach our personal and professional development and, ultimately, how we engage with the world. It’s a reminder to nurture not only what we know but also how we present it, and it invites us to embrace the holistic growth that comes from recognizing the interplay between these elements.

Odusanya Adedeji

Odusanya Adedeji A., is a Licensed & Certified Clinical Psychologist whose domain of expertise cuts across management of specific mental health issues such as, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety & Anxiety related disorders, substance use disorder, etc

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