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Striking a Balance Between Productivity & Rest for a Fulfilling Life

In the pursuit of greatness, our lives mirror organizations reliant on efficient resource management. Time, our most precious asset, akin to financial resources, demands careful stewardship. Just as rest preserves our time’s currency, the value of time hinges on proper allocation across our life domains.

– Odusanya Adedeji Ademola (Clinical Psychologist)

Ever hear the saying “time is money”? So grab a seat, because we’re going on an exciting new journey with that statement. While both time and money run out, there’s a big difference. Even though you may always get more money, those precious seconds are lost forever. As a result, time management remains our ultimate superpower in the grand scheme of achieving greatness.

Regardless of our goals—striving for career success, pursuing our passions, or just trying to be the best versions of ourselves—the path to greatness demands commitment, hard work, and, you guessed it, efficient resource management.


When we talk about resource management, we’re not just talking about financial and physical assets. We’re also talking about time, which is arguably our most valuable resource. Think about it: time is a limited resource that cannot be replaced and is constantly ticking away. Just like an astute businessperson meticulously manages their financial assets, so too must we be diligent in stewarding our time.

Think of yourself as a phenomenal organization—you’ve got big dreams, a limited budget (your time), and a whole lot to achieve. Financial resources need smart allocation to function effectively, and guess what? Your time is no different. Just like a company wouldn’t blow its entire budget on fancy office furniture (because, let’s face it, comfy chairs are great, but they don’t make the sales!), you wouldn’t squander your hours on things that don’t propel you towards your goals.

So, how can we successfully manage our time? It all comes down to balance, efficiency, and prioritization—jjust like in a well-oiled machine. What matters most to you in your pursuit of greatness? Is it spending hours mindlessly scrolling through social media or creating that killer presentation for your dream job? Your priorities become your investment opportunities after you’ve determined what they are. You wouldn’t throw money into a random stock tip, would you? So why treat your time any differently? To put it simply, we must decide what our goals and priorities are, set aside time for them, and ensure that we are not spreading ourselves too thin.

The truth is that effective time management involves more than simply being busy and finishing everything on our to-do list. It also has to do with realizing how important rest and relaxation are. It is important to acknowledge that even the most ambitious person gets burned out. We can think of it as reinvesting our dividends, or as a smart investor diversifying their portfolio to minimize risk. Similarly, we need to diversify our time allocation to include periods of rest and relaxation. We need downtime to recharge our batteries, just as a business needs to repair its machinery to continue operating.

Why is rest so important? A well-rested you is a focused you, a creative you, and a you who can tackle those priorities with laser precision. When we’re well rested, our minds are sharper, our bodies are stronger, and our overall well-being improves. In addition, taking breaks allows us to step back and gain perspective, both of which are crucial for improving decision-making and preventing burnout.

Let’s now discuss finding the ideal balance between work and rest. This is all about learning when to say no, establishing healthy boundaries, and putting self-care first. It might include setting up time in your calendar for pursuits you find enjoyable, including going for a walk, reading, or spending time with close friends and family. It can also include paying closer attention to how you spend your time and making necessary adjustments.

Consider your time a giant pie. The largest slices go to your top priorities, which include making that presentation, working out to stay sharp, and spending time with the people you love and who inspire you. Smaller portions may be used for less important tasks like responding to emails or, sometimes, scrolling through social media (we all have our guilty pleasures!). The point is, every slice is a conscious decision.

The beauty of time management is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You may feel artistically restricted by what works for your too-organized neighbor. Try it out! Discover a system that works for you. Perhaps you find satisfaction in color-coded calendars or to-do lists (yes, they exist!). Perhaps you might plan those valuable downtime windows the same way you would an appointment with your doctor.

In summary, the importance of time cannot be overemphasized. Recall that being great does not require you to fill every moment with activities. It’s about making the best strategic use of your time and spending your most important resources on the things that will help you achieve your objectives. In the same way that an effective resource management system is essential to a business’s success, good time management is also necessary for us to have happy and fruitful lives. Recognizing the importance of relaxation, setting priorities, and achieving a balance between work and leisure can help us optimize our most valuable resource and fully embrace life. Give up on the notion that time is just “slipping away.” Assume command. Take control. Become the CEO of your own amazing life, and watch how your pursuit of greatness reaches epic proportions.

Odusanya Adedeji

Odusanya Adedeji A., is a Licensed & Certified Clinical Psychologist whose domain of expertise cuts across management of specific mental health issues such as, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety & Anxiety related disorders, substance use disorder, etc