Our pricing are not flat for all client as there are minor variations based on clients specific needs. Our service costs varies based on Psychological Assessment Needs, Number of sessions (frequency), Session Duration, and Nature of Service Delivery (Virtual, Physical, and Home Service).

Our assessment includes Initial Intake Interview and Psychological Assessments.

Intake Interview

Virtual – N10,000
Physical Session – N20,000
Home Service – N30,000

Note: We don’t administer psychological test to our clients just for the sake of administration. Our Intake Interview often dictates the type of psychological test that is appropriate for our client.

Psychological Tests

Below are the costs associated with some of our psychological tests:

Myers Briggs – N15,000
MMPI-2 – N20,000
ISBC – N5,000
PHQ 9 – N5,000
Big 5 – N5,000
DAP – N10,000
BAI – N5,000
BDI – N5,000
GAD – N5,000

Note: Included in Psychological Test Administration are, test administration, scoring, analyzing, reporting, and official presentation.

Therefore, the cost of assessment per individual is based on assessment needs. For instance, if Mr A Intake Interview (Physical) suggests that he will need MMPI – 2, ISBC, then the cost of Mr A assessment is as stated below:

Intake Interview – N20,000
MMPI – 2 – N20,000
ISBC – N 5,000
Total N45,000

So for Mr A, he pays for N35,000 for assessment which will be scored, analyzed, reported, and presented. It doesn’t end there, the assessment outcome is deployed for the preparation of treatment planning and management.


The outcome of the assessments dictates the nature of treatment like the type of therapy (Individual, Couples, or Family Therapy) and the number of session (5, 6, 7, or 8). In addition, our clients preference for therapy delivery approach (Virtual, Physical, or Home Service) have bearing on the cost.

Individual Therapy

Online/Virtual: N15,000 (1 hour Session)
Physical: N20,000 (1 hour Session)
Home Service (Concierge): N30,000 (1 hour Session).

Couple Therapy

Online/Virtual: N25,000 (1 hour Session)
Physical: N30,000 (1 hour Session)
Home Service (Concierge): N40,000 (1 hour Session).

So if for instance Mr A assessment outcome suggests 5 sessions of treatment, and he will need 4 individual therapy sessions and 1 couple therapy session, and he prefers to go for online session, his treatment cost will be:

4 Individual Therapy Sessions – N60,000
1 Couple Therapy Session – N25,000
Total – N85,000

Therefore, Mr A having paid for N45,000 initially for assessment, will pay additional N85,000 for treatment, summing everything to N130,000.

Note: Our prices are subject to occasional review. However, we try as much as possible to ensure we offer our clients, including prospective ones a competitive price.

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