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Are you searching for expert guidance and support to navigate the complexities of mental health and well-being? 

We are here to empower you with personalized strategies and tools, fostering lasting positive change in your life.

We conduct specialized and targeted research on behalf of a client and produce a final analysis of key findings. Our research area of specializations are psychological, leadership, education, entrepreneurship, medical and health. We have research that are vast in research processes and psychometrics who can provide reports to the taste and desire of our clients.

Our psychological evaluations and results come in distinctive formats. These incorporate medico-legal report, full psychological report, and a brief appraisal. To produce these reports, extensive psychological tests are required to analyze client responses.

Psychological report writing requires explaining complex issues in a way that is easy to understand. This calls for a range of highly specialized skills, quality time, and attention to detail. It also requires a range of professional tools that we are proud to have. Lastly, it requires a distinct balance between empathy and objectivity.

These reasons are either classified as personal or non-personal. They are personal in the sense that, psychological assessment helps to assess our behavior and understand how it causes others to view us. In other words, psychological testing allows us to have a glimpse of how the world perceives us. Reasons for psychological assessments can also be non-personal in some sense, too. For instance, our engagement with schools, institutions, immigration, or courts may require us to give psychological reports, or medico-legal reports. In this regard, generating a psychological report or medico-legal report will require psychological assessment.

Professionals under us, including Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists, are duly licensed and certified to write professional psychological reports.

Who Administers Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment, psychological report

Psychological evaluation is always administered by a certified and licensed clinical psychologists, and we are pleased to have a number of them on staff. They have received extensive training in administering, interpreting, and reporting psychological evaluation. Our specialists are members of professional bodies including the American Psychological Association, the Nigerian Psychological Association (NPA), and the Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists (NACP).

We do a number of psychological evaluation, including the following:

Psychological Assessments

Online Psychological Assessment Techniques

The approach we adopt for online psychological assessment guaranty objective and correct diagnosis for treating mental health conditions. Our psychological assessment uses both objective and projective test techniques to give a clear picture of an individual’s functioning. We use both Skype and Online forms to objectively elicit responses from you. After this we will scale your responses to give a general overview of your personal characteristics. If you have booked for an online assessment, you can click the link below to direct you to the assessment page where you will download the relevant assessment form(s).

Need to know more?

Check the responses to the following questions that our numerous clients have always ask us.

Psychological tests are a branch of the field of psychology known as psychometrics. Psychometrics measures behavior, personality, and aptitude using questionnaires standardized to scales based on some statistical protocols.

People need medico-legal reports and psychological/psychiatric assessments for a variety of reasons. If, for instance, someone has been badly affected by an accident, or workplace negligence, or whatever, and it is not enough for them to simply appear in court and state that they have suffered since the event. Hence, the report serves as an expert witness that testifies about the symptoms they are experiencing, and the impact on their lives.

  1. Self-report questions that ask you to think about specific types of interactions.
  2. Oral intake interview.
  3. Physical observation to visually assess behavioral responses and mental status.
  1. Free and sincere mindset. Don’t express positive bias when examining your behavior. In other words, answer questions as honestly as possible.
  2. Focus on answering questions based upon what you actually think and do, not based upon what you wish you did or hope other people think you do.

In emergency situations, we can generate reports within two days. However, it takes about two weeks to generate a report.

This includes about two hours of psychological assessment. This leads to a written diagnosis and expert recommendation. Also included is the prognosis with the correct treatment, and the prognosis if treatment is not accessed.

Short Assessment is given to people who do not need an extensive report as required by the requiring body. It includes a first consultation, short letter with feedback, diagnosis, and expert recommendation.

Psychological reports are completely anonymous, and will not be used for anything other than giving a measure of unique strengths and weaknesses.

Not Just Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments and psychological report writing are not the only services we render to the society. We are also involve in a whole lot of other psycho-social services of which psychological assessments and psychological report writing are part of. Below is the list and link to our services for you to benefit from.

Seminars & Talks

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Training & Coaching

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Community Services

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Research Consultancy

We conduct research in behavioral sciences including leadership research on behalf of our ...


Psychological Assessment

Our Psychological Assessment Services provide comprehensive evaluations to gain ...


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